What is Event Controller?

Essentially Event Controller is an easier way to keep track of events in actionscript 3. Event Controller is a simple extension to your normal workflow that allows you to easily tag, group and remove any and all events. Its designed to stay out of your way and follow nearly the same structure as you are already using for creating and removing events with AS3. Only now with a little extra horsepower under the hood. There is even a smaller version that you can use to type a few less characters, which I think we all want. Check out Event Controller in action. We are sure it has a little something for everyone.


We will always be looking for ways to make Event Controller better, so please feel free to give any and all feed back you may have. Jump on over to the message boards and let us know!


Ben Fhala - Architecture Lead
Corban Baxter - Contributor / Site Design
Contributors: Eric Murray

Intro to EventController